Konio Theme Current Version 1.3.4 #

We’re always changing Konio so be sure to check out some of the new features or see if we have recently released a patch.

v1.3.4 – May 1, 2024
– New: 404 page preview mode within designer
– New: Search form layouts and styling options
– Tweak: Transparent logo
– Tweak: Transition for background and padding on sticky headers
– Tweak: Added active check for WC options
– Tweak: Added isset check for background module
– Tweak: 404 page
– Tweak: Default change to internal in custom code
– Tweak: Removed page history
– Tweak: Default text for heading modules on 404 page
– Tweak: Replaced placeholder images with webp versions
– Tweak: Social media icon defaults
– Tweak: Support for empty outputs on border control
– Tweak: Changed default value for pill style border radius to support larger font sizes
– Fix: Conflict between transparent and sticky headers
– Fix: Typography defaults and set values
– Fix: Elementor block styles not loading
– Fix: Google fonts not loading with empty/invalid families

v1.3.3 – March 27, 2024
– New: Off canvas editor
– New: Transparent logo options
– New: 404 page editor
– New: Heading module
– Tweak: Removed starter templates code
– Tweak: Removed unused code
– Tweak: Updated google fonts json
– Tweak: Breadcrumbs prefix set to false by default
– Tweak: Converted designer styling to neutral colors
– Fix: Logo module
– Fix: Admin bar stick on page load
– Fix: Designer preview loop caused by history changesets
– Fix: Elementor button styles

v1.3.2 – February 15, 2024
– New: Sticky logo transition for different sized logos
– Tweak: Added additional license checks for inactive domains
– Tweak: Added update errors for license key failures

v1.3.1 – February 3, 2024
– Tweak: Removed vendor files for ace editor
– Tweak: Removed styles for ace editor
– Tweak: Deprecated designer custom code control
– Fix: Ability to move modules within header

v1.3.0 – January 31, 2024
– New: Shortcode capabilities to html module
– New: Highlight toolbar with title in designer
– New: Universal code type to custom code
– New: WooCommerce cart icon module
– New: WooCommerce wishlist icon module
– New: Export sections option
– New: Off canvas toggle and content area for header middle/header bottom
– New: Ability to stack footer bottom menu items
– New: Preview mode message when enabled
– Tweak: Updated copyright to include site_title designer shortcode
– Tweak: Changed main and body background default colors
– Tweak: Custom code UI/UX
– Tweak: Single content container layout conditions
– Tweak: Disabled mega menu output in mobile menu
– Tweak: Updated license page to be a dashboard page
– Fix: Search form
– Fix: Wrong object in memory after get_pages
– Fix: Off canvas notices

v1.2.0 – December 7, 2023
– New: Moved custom code to theme panel
– New: Custom code display conditions
– New: Site_title to designer shortcodes
– Tweak: Removed custom code from designer
– Tweak: Removed portfolio switch from designer
– Tweak: Updated IDs for sticky quick edits in designer
– Tweak: Maintenance mode styling
– Tweak: Added spacing control default units
– Fix: Permalink processing after plugins
– Fix: Double wrap of media query in designer

v1.1.5 – October 23, 2023
– New: Pagination dots to related posts
– Tweak: Moved archive pagination inside of correct container
– Tweak: Style updates for pagination
– Tweak: Text-align issues
– Tweak: Header top dropdown color defaults
– Tweak: License updates

v1.1.4 – October 13, 2023
– Tweak: Removed empty check for entry content
– Tweak: Line-height step in typography control
– Fix: Updated loop with child theme version

v1.1.3 – October 12, 2023
– Tweak: Populating version in admin area
– Tweak: Documentation url in admin area
– Tweak: Account url in admin area
– Tweak: Admin area css
– Tweak: Social share icons typography
– Tweak: Translations
– Fix: Regex issue in domain

v1.1.2 – October 4, 2023
– New: User display conditions
– Tweak: Added additional check for portfolio
– Tweak: Moved order of custom css output
– Tweak: Added action for main output
– Fix: Missing link attributes on the button module

v1.1.1 – September 28, 2023
– Tweak: Adjusted z-index values
– Fix: Missing ID change for header bottom
– Fix: Missing global

v1.1.0 – September 26, 2023
– New: Support for multiple select items
– New: Content container layout options
– New: Styling options for woocommerce items
– Tweak: Moved custom script output
– Tweak: Changed payment methods padding
– Tweak: Added payment methods to tables border output
– Tweak: Various styling updates
– Fix: Licensing displaying incorrect status
– Fix: Designer conflict with selectWoo
– Fix: Undefined function error when woocommerce is not installed
– Fix: Removed individual selector for inline styles in designer

v1.0.10 – September 1, 2023
– Tweak: Side header margin output
– Tweak: Changed side header to a two columnn layout
– Tweak: Removed split out last module on side header

v1.0.9 – August 29, 2023
– New: Option to link the woocommerce cart icon to the cart page or checkout page
– Tweak: Prefixed additional IDs and classes for side header
– Tweak: Changed column-gap to gap for woocommerce icons menu
– Tweak: Removed featured image options for woocommerce to prevent conflicts with their own built-in options
– Tweak: Added missing conditionals for tooltips
– Tweak: Added translations

v1.0.8 – August 20, 2023
– Tweak: Removed underscore addition for font weight
– Tweak: Added font weight to submenu typography
– Tweak: Margin/padding output for spacing controls

v1.0.7 – August 16, 2023
– Tweak: CSS styles for menu items
– Tweak: Menu icons to font awesome 6

v1.0.6 – August 15, 2023
– Tweak: Prefixed additional IDs and classes for main containers
– Tweak: CSS styles to reflect prefixed IDs and classes
– Tweak: Transparent header offset in relation to wp admin bar
– Tweak: Removed redundant module css styles
– Fix: Base array for live sortable modules

v1.0.5 – August 11, 2023
– Tweak: Added css targets for gutenberg and elementor buttons
– Tweak: Added getSession() chained before setValue to prevent auto select
– Tweak: IDs and classes for outer containers to prevent conflict with 3rd party plugins

v1.0.4 – August 10, 2023
– Tweak: Renamed variables from specific to singular
– Tweak: Dispaly conditions
– Tweak: Header top z-index
– Fix: Directory typo on certain global modules
– Fix: Category view modes in woocommerce
– Fix: Page options not retaining after full refresh
– Fix: Bug with invalid sortable positions

v1.0.3 – July 27, 2023
– New: Option to allow featured images in the title bar
– Tweak: Removed debug code
– Fix: Custom fonts
– Fix: Featured images not saving

v1.0.2 – July 18, 2023
– Tweak: Added translations
– Tweak: Various woocommerce styles
– Tweak: Custom js options
– Tweak: Title bar to allow builder blocks

v1.0.1 – July 15, 2023
– Tweak: Added prefix to sidebar
– Fix: Class typo for buttons
– Fix: Try-catch for timezones on theme options import
– Fix: Check for value patterns in css

v1.0.0 – July 10, 2023
– Initial release